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Media Folder Sorting

Exciting news! We’ve just added a cool feature to our HappyMedia plugin called “Media Folder Sorting.” It makes managing your WordPress media a breeze. Now you can easily organize your folders in either ascending or descending order. Plus, you can arrange them by numbers, or letters, or even use special characters. This sorting supports Unicode fonts as well. It’s a simple way to keep your media neat!

How to Use Media Folder Sorting in HappyMedia

Navigate to your WordPress media. On the left sidebar of HappyMedia, click on 3 dots. A sorting button will appear. Click on it. You will find the Ascending and Descending button above the search field. 

Media Folder Sorting

Sorting Priorities:

In case you choose ascending order, your folders will be prioritized based on Numbers first, then Alphabet, and finally Unicode. It’s a straightforward way to ensure your folders are sorted just the way you want them.

If you opt for descending order, the priority will be reversed: Unicode > Alphabet > Numbers. This means your folders will be sorted in the opposite direction, providing you with the flexibility to arrange them to suit your preferences.

Ascending order:

Media Folder Sorting

Descending order:

Media Folder Sorting

You can close the sorting by hitting the closing icon(x).

Media Folder Sorting

That’s all. 

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