Support Policy

We believe that amazing customer support sets us apart from the competitors who use bots to clear out as many tickets and requests as possible. We want to give our customers empathic and appropriate support in the fastest way we can, without compromising quality.

Medium of our Support

We only provide support via support tickets & support forum (According to we are providing support for the free version there. If you are using our Producs then we are requesting you to use our support ticketing system). 

If you open any topic on the ORG forum for any premium features, we won’t be able to provide the proper information and support as per the community guideline.  

We provide the pre-sales query related support and technical support through the Helpdesk. Or you can directly mail us at [email protected]

Besides, if you have any feature suggestions, please feel free to share them on our Contact form

We don’t provide support via any other channels like Facebook, Twitter, phone, or any other way.

Support eligibility:

We only provide support to our valid premium users. If you want to become a premium user and get premium support then you have to-

 Purchase our plugins/products from our official website

Reach out to us with your purchasing email address. 

 We do not provide support if the plugin has been purchased from any other website or if you reach out with any other email addresses. Please remember that we will NOT be liable for any harm on your site because all the other sources selling our products are unlicensed versions of the plugin. Most of those unlicensed plugins may or may not include viruses, malware, trojan, or malicious codes to fetch your personal information from your site, which imposes security risks on your site.

Response Time:

We provide 24/7 support, and we have rotating shifts for our hard-working employees. But sometimes it may take more time than usual based on the rush or a long queue. We always maintain a queue as in “First come, first served”. If you do not get a reply within 24 hours, we request you to keep patience, as we believe in the “No one shall be left” motto .

What Our Support Covers

We only provide support for our products that are sold from, as stated earlier. You will get the following service from our support: 

  • Assistance with installations & configuration 
  • Usage and guidelines 
  • Fixing bugs and issues 


Note: Updating the latest version often resolves any issues when troubleshooting and providing support, so we recommend it as a first step.

We DO NOT provide support for Customizations

We do not provide support for everything on our site. To avoid surprises, please find them below: 

  • Support to any null plugin users 
  • Plugins integration
  • Adding new features or extending the features currently unavailable.
  • Plugin Customization
  • We do not teach CSS, Javascript, PHP, MySQL, and customizing JS/PHP code. 
  • SEO consulting. Please contact an SEO expert for these matters. 
  • General WordPress support. You can find resources and answers around WordPress in the forums. 
  • General Elementor support. You can find resources and answers around Elementor in the Elementor Support forums on 
  • Site Migration-related assistance. 
  • Compatibility problems with any third-party themes/plugins.


Bug Fixing

We will always fix any bugs in our products as early as possible after they are brought to our attention. If you think you have found a bug, feel free to let us know by creating a ticket.


We provide support for our products as they are developed and published. We cannot support or produce custom code solutions for you. Any type of modification or customization is not included in our support service. If you need any core customization or have any personal requirements of your own need, you can hire a developer.

Why we do not provide customization

To provide the best possible customer support, we need some constraints to ensure that our support team can provide the best service. Assisting with customizations and modifications takes extra time, which can divert our support engineer’s attention away from another customer who is experiencing a valid issue. And sometimes that customer can be you.

Additional Information

We may ask for your site credentials to check your site thoroughly in any case if we need to assist you. While providing the site credentials, do not forget to keep a backup of the entire site. Please follow the instructions provided by our technical team members on how to provide the details securely. 

By providing the site credentials, you agree to give us full consent on any kind of checking or modification needed to find the issue on your site. When we do intense debugging, there could be some errors in the front-end due to unwanted data loss or modification. That is why we always prefer staging/duplicated/testing site credentials. 

Please do not share the credentials to your site with anyone as it compromises your personal information. Any information you submit to us through our Helpdesk will be handled with strict confidentiality. Only you and our support team will have access to that acknowledgment.

  • Please find the necessary documentation and URLs below:
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  • Contact-
  • Refund Policy-
  • Terms and conditions-
  • Our company reserves the right to change or modify the support terms without prior notice. For more details about the website use, check our Terms and conditions.